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Recipe: Iron Legion Pistol

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Recipe: Iron Legion Pistol

Item type
Recipe sheet
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A recipe to make an Iron Legion Pistol.

— In-game description

Recipe: Iron Legion Pistol is a recipe sheet used to learn the recipe to craft Iron Legion Pistol.


Ranoah Grindsteel's Footsteps Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire 10Achievement points
Collect items related to Ranoah Grindsteel's history to earn her signature Steel Warband pistol.Requires access to previous Icebrood Saga episodes to complete.
Tier 2:Ash Legion Pistol.png Ash Legion Pistol
Tier 3:Recipe sheet exotic pistol.png Recipe: Iron Legion Pistol
Tier 4:Flame Legion Pistol.png Flame Legion Pistol
Tier 5:Steel Warband Pistol.png Steel Warband Pistol

Blood Legion Pistol — Hint: Found inside an Emissary Chest in the Eye of the North after completing a Steel Warband vision.
Crystallographer Smoxxi's Thoughts — "You can't just grab a weapon and go running around touching things. Doesn't work that way. I reharmonize it, then you run around touching things." -Crystallographer Smoxxi
Romantic Picnic — "Some charr get very... excited about their gladiatorial events."
Dread Mask — "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake them! I just touched the mask and they were everywhere!"—Ranoah
Assignment Request — "Ever since the ghost incident, Ranoah has been underfoot in the motorpool. She has aptitude but needs honing. Recommended we station her with Iron for a while." -- Quaestor Blackclaw
Field Maintenance Manual — "The spikes are for opening jammed access panels, not for use as a weapon. Just kidding. Everything's a weapon."
Worn-Toothed Gear — "I climbed along the conveyor to replace this worn gear that was causing a jam, and I am COVERED IN GREASE. This rig is AWESOME!"—Ronoah Grindsteel
Gunsmith's Notes
Dwarven Mechanism
Karka Web Gland
Iron Legion Pistol
Diary Scrap — "Ryland said no solo scouting, so I went with Vishen to check out the nearby caves. Good thing I was there—that troll was pretty big."
Ranoah's Thoughts
Roasted Meat — "I dont like how the smell of all this smoke lingers on my fur, but I liked spending downtime with Vhisen. Was great to see her eyes light up when we grilled the meat."
Shattered Chest Lid — "This chest has been puzzling me for a while. I see no way to reach the mechanism through this field...unless you're a tank-mounted harpoon."
A Touch of Aurene's Magic — "Magic! It's like the frosting on a giant misty cake. Made of pistols. That burn blue. Just like Mom used to make." —Crystallographer Smoxxi
Collected 1 Item 1Achievement points
Collected 4 Items 1Achievement points
Collected 8 Items 2Achievement points
Collected 12 Items 3Achievement points
Collected 16 Items 3Achievement points