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Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Camp Apex

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Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Camp Apex

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Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Camp Apex is a mastery insight in Drizzlewood Coast.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Getting there[edit]

  • From Waypoint (map icon).png Base Camp Waypoint, head north towards the tall decaying tree. The mastery insight is located on top of the tree that requires a Springer or Skyscale to reach.
  • Alternatively, you can airdrop to Umbral Grotto using the map or a United Legions Waystation, then glide down to the mastery point.


Before communing and accepting the mastery point
The tree trunk is ancient and decayed. New life grows all around it.
Talk more option tango.png Commune with this place of power.
After communing
You have reached a locus of power.

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