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Olaf Olafson's Secret

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Olaf Olafson's Secret is an achievement in the Jormag Rising.png Jormag Rising category which involves finding the map pieces in the Drizzlewood Coast zone to discover Olaf Olafson's treasure key. The related achievements Treasure Sleuth and Significant Otter are the next consecutive steps in this series of achievements.


Olaf Olafson's Secret Jormag Rising 5Achievement points
Explore the entirety of Drizzlewood Coast, and find the map pieces to discover Olaf Olafson's treasure key.
Objectives: 5 objectives in total
  • Clue 1: From the lighthouse, head north.
  • Clue 2: Upon reaching the arch, head west.
  • Clue 3: Go beyond the crag.
  • Clue 4: Stop at the falls.
  • Clue 5: Look in the center of six guardians.
1 Map Piece Collected 1Achievement points
2 Map Pieces Collected 1Achievement points
3 Map Pieces Collected 1Achievement points
4 Map Pieces Collected 1Achievement points
5 Map Pieces Collected 1Achievement points


After buying the initial Map Fragment from the Quaestors, the other map parts can be obtained in any order.

Objective Discovered objective Notes


The following mail is sent to the player upon entering Drizzlewood Coast.


Erik Mathison

A Proposition

My name is Erik Mathison. I'm writing to you with an offer that may prove quite lucrative for you.

Years ago, my ancestor Olaf Olafson locked our family's valuables away inside a vault at an unknown location. He secured them with a sword he had enchanted as a key. Unfortunately, the sword has since fallen out of my family's possession. And this is where you come in, Commander.

If you can help me locate my family's lost heirlooms, I'll repay you with a portion of our treasure. Though I must warn you, several uncommissioned "treasure hunters" (or no-good looters, as I like to call them) have taken it upon themselves to try and steal our valuables. Whatever you do, don't let them get their grubby hands on my family's belongings!

Best of luck with your search,


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