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Fort Defiance (meta event)

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Fort Defiance

Fort Defiance
(Drizzlewood Coast)
Event type
Meta event
Total events

Dynamic events[edit]

  • Fort Defiance is held by the Dominion.
  • Control and maximize troop morale at the Vloxen Mine to launch an attack on the fort.
  • The fort is being sieged by legion forces!
  • Maintain infrastructure and complete events to raise troop morale, which limits enemy sieges.
  • Troop Morale
    Event bar empty2.jpg
  • The fort is under attack!
  • Dominion forces have fallen back to Wolf's Crossing, and this base is safely in legion control.
  • Dominion forces have been pushed north of the river, and this base is safely in legion control.

Troop Morale[edit]

In addition to completing the above event, players need to increase troop morale in order to initiate the next assault. Troop morale can be gained from the following: