Grawl Raider

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Grawl Raiders are grawl wielding longbows.


Crystal Desert
The Mists

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png
Help Scholar Olenn trick the grawl around the Tail of the Star God (44)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • AoE
  • Immobilizes
  • Immobilize Trap - Place traps that deal no damage, but apply Immobilize. Auto-attack.
  • Meteor Arrow - Fires a long charged shot that arcs a surprisingly high distance in the air.
  • Shoot - Fires an arrow
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Loot Sack.png Bag of Trinkets Container BBasic 1
Loot Sack.png Medium Bag of Trinkets Container BBasic 1
Bone.png Bone Crafting material CFine 1
Engraved Totem.png Engraved Totem Crafting material CFine 1
Heavy Bone.png Heavy Bone Crafting material CFine 1
Large Skull.png Large Skull Crafting material ERare 1
Totem.png Totem Crafting material CFine 1
Frayed Rag.png Frayed Rag TrophySalvage item BBasic 1
Soiled Rag.png Soiled Rag TrophySalvage item BBasic 1
Scrap of Fur.png Scrap of Fur Trophy AJunk 1-2
Clump of Fur.png Clump of Fur Trophy AJunk 1