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Each playable race has different relations with the minor races of Tyria. These relations determine the available choices during the personal story. The minor race the player chooses to assist will determine the course of the level 50 arc of the story. There are five minor races that can be supported.

Once a choice is made the character's race does not affect the story's details: the storyline for the grawl is the same for an asura and a norn player. The story will then continue with the aided NPC showing up to help whenever needed.

Choices by character race[edit]

The available choices are as follows:

Minor race Zone Starting mission NPC Player race
Asura Charr Human Norn Sylvari
Grawl Dredgehaunt Cliffs Doubt Gara 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No
Hylek Bloodtide Coast Champion's Sacrifice Ikniu 1Yes 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Ogre Blazeridge Steppes Untamed Wilds Lagula 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No
Quaggan Falooaloo Bad Ice Shashoo 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes
Skritt Harathi Hinterlands Rat-Tastrophe Ftokchak 0No 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes


The ogre line, unlike the others, does not have a choice between two courses of action with two separate instances. Instead both instances are done one after another as part of the same chapter.
  • Characters of any playable race can unlock minor races normally not available to them by playing with friends of other races. If these friends have chosen the desired unavailable minor race, players can accept credit for their mission progress, effectively unlocking their friend's chosen minor race, no matter the restrictions above.
  • Characters visiting home instances that don't belong to their race will only see their racial allies if those allies are a possible choice for the race of the home instance (for example, Quaggan allies will not be seen in the Black Citadel or Hoelbrak)