First Mate Calix

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First Mate Calix was a member of Captain Arabella Crowe's crew. He is encountered during the Siren's Reef Fractal.


The Mists


  • Cadaver's Confetti 2 Activation time 2 Recharge time - Applies additional stacks of bleeding to foes at closer range. (Bleeding.png4 Bleeding(7s) Launch.png Launch 300 Range.png Range 300
  • Grim Lagoon 10 Recharge time - Ghostly pool that applies boons to the undead and conditions to the living. (Agony.png Agony (2s) Torment.png Torment (5s) Blinded.png Blinded (5s) Vulnerability.png Vulnerability (5s) Chilled.png Chilled (5s) Range.png Range 2,400)
    • Additionally, undead standing on the pool receive Protection.png Protection (5s) and Quickness.png Quickness (5s).
    • The pool pulses and applies boons and conditions every second.