Sunken Chest

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the chests for Sunken Treasure Hunter. For the Gathering Storms reward, see Sunken Chest (Sandswept Isles). For the renown heart object, see Sunken Chest (Sparkfly Fen).

Sunken Chest

Sunken Chests can be found underwater guarded by Veteran Krait Treasure Hunters. They can be opened with an Ornate Rusted Key. Opening all 10 of them completes the Master Diver achievement.


For exact locations and tabular overview see: Master Diver
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains



Although most locations drop items in the same order, the chest in Frostgorge Sound drops in a different order. See drop rate.
  • Each Sunken Chest can only be opened once per repetition of the Master Diver achievement. To reopen one of the Sunken Chests, all other Sunken Chests also must be opened.
  • A player can't open the same chest 2 times in a row, if the Master Diver achievement is complete after opening. Reloading the map twice will refresh the chest.
  • Spawning too close to a chest might not set its state to lootable. By moving out of range and back it will reset the chest to the proper state. On completing the Master Diver a reload is still necessary.
  • Drop research can be found here: Sunken Chest/Drop rate
  • Players can copy and paste the following list of map locations to visit all chests in a row:
    WPs (ordered in the same order as the achievement list): [&BOIAAAA=] [&BKYAAAA=] [&BKcBAAA=] [&BBMAAAA=] [&BOkBAAA=] [&BMADAAA=] [&BHwCAAA=] [&BJYBAAA=] [&BE0CAAA=] [&BNQCAAA=]
    WPs (ordered to reduce travel costs): [&BNQCAAA=] [&BE0CAAA=] [&BJYBAAA=] [&BKcBAAA=] [&BBMAAAA=] [&BOIAAAA=] [&BKYAAAA=] [&BMADAAA=] [&BHwCAAA=] [&BOkBAAA=]
  • Zone Name Abbreviations w/POIs for those that have done some of the achievement: Mt.Mael[&BI0GAAA=] TmbrLn[&BD0CAAA=] Lornar[&BEwGAAA=] BldTide[&BCwAAAA=] Kessex[&BCMAAAA=] GendFlds[&BAAEAAA=] Harathi[&BKEAAAA=] Snowden[&BJAAAAA=] FrstGrge[&BOcFAAA=] IronMar[&BOEBAAA=]

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