Cephalolithopathic golem

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Cephalolithopathic golems (described by Zojja as psychic blockheads) were very experimental golems designed by Snaff. They were designed to be fitted with massive basalt heads carved by Eir Stegalkin, which provided resonance points that channelled energy into powerstones, which allowed the golems to be controlled with the wearer's mind. After some initial issues, Snaff decided to place the cockpits in their abdomens, from which they could be controlled (they could still be controlled remotely, with the use of a powerstone laurel). He called this technique "double sight".

At the time of their beta test, in 1319 AE, most of the other asura believed that Snaff had cracked. Almost all other golems were created without heads—nobody else had this technology. By 1325 AE, almost all golems used this technology. Unfortunately, Snaff never lived to see himself vindicated.

List of cephalolithopathic golems[edit]


  • Power Suits may be examples of this technology.
  • Cephalo- refers to "relating to the brain or head" (from Ancient Greek kephalḗ), litho- means "stone" (from the Ancient Greek líthos), and -pathic means "suffering or feeling" (from Ancient Greek páthos).