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Sand Pile

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Sand Pile found in the Crystal Desert. For other Sand Piles, see Sand Pile (renown heart).

Sand Pile

Sand Piles are objects found throughout the Crystal Desert. Interacting with them grants various small rewards.


Crystal Desert
  • Crystal Oasis
    • Amnoon Southern Outskirts - There is a pond of water on the map to the east and a dolyak building. South of this along the wall are some rock plateaus. Starting with the plateau on the left with tents the next plateau slightly above will have a pillar sticking out of the sand with some steps going up to it, behind this is the sand pile. Another sand pile can be found South west of the Pond, directly under the entrance to the cave with the Aggressive Vultures. A third Sand pile can also be found at the western end of the pillar that links the plateau inhabited by the Skritt Tre'cee to the one with a number of Sand eels.
    • Bay of Elon - Southeast of Tawla Rock is a small island with some hermit crabs, possible loot crate above and a sand pile next to a palm tree. Another sand pile location can be found due South of Tawla Rock on the "C" shaped island's south side in the mini bay in the water.
    • Diviner's Passage – Head straight north of the Waypoint (map icon).png Temple of Kormir Waypoint into the tunnel and on the far end just before the exit should be the sand pile. Another one can be found just east of Diviner's Passage, head up the slopes to the Forged camp area by the gate.
    • Omiramba Sand Sea - Northwest of Retreat of the Resolute outside the canyon area, under a few trees by some sand lions, directly under the name "Crystal Oasis" on the map. Another one can be found west of Northern Way Station in the middle of the "C" shaped sand dune area.
    • The Sinking Ruins - Due west of the name "Sinking Runes" on the map is a small pyramid by the water. Southwest of that is an island with a veteran Scaled Drake and a bunch of regular enemies. On the Northwestern side of the island by the veteran is the sand pile.
    • Kusini Crossing - Due west of Kusini Water Hole is a large oval plateau with a stone arch on top of it. A sand pile can be found in the middle of this plateau. Due east of Kusini Water Hole is a circular plateau with a single palm tree and a fire, a sand pile can be found at this location.
  • Desert Highlands
  • Elon Riverlands
    • Augury Rock – Southeast of the renown heart by Augury Rock, east of the eastern side of the corridor leading to Skyward Reach.
    • Sandwallow Retreat - Northeast of the point of interest, near where large bones begin to protrude from the hillside.
    • Skimmer Ranch - Travel to Waypoint (map icon).png Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, then head west into the water nearby.
    • Bahdaj Vigil - North in the channel of water against the wall.
    • Stoneyard Rest - In a cave on the east wall along with two Veteran Water Djinn.
    • Elon Falls - Behind the waterfall in the cave with fleshreavers.
  • The Desolation
  • Domain of Vabbi
  • Domain of Kourna
  • Domain of Istan
  • Sandswept Isles



  • Respawns in 5 minutes.

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