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The Owl Shaman in Cragstead is a shaman of the spirit of Owl who came to Cragstead after the Molten Alliance's attacks to aid the refugees seeking to rebuild their lives in the homestead. He hopes that he can revive Owl's following or maybe even Owl herself.


Shiverpeak Mountains


You've weathered dangerous roads to reach Cragstead, traveler. Are you here as sentry or visitor?
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Sentry? What do you mean?
Our village was nearly destroyed until the strength of heroes saved it. Those bereft of hope come here to stand sentry for one day and night, to revel in the Shiverpeaks, and to renew their spirits.
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I know what Cragstead endured. I fought alongside Braham.
Then...you're one of the heroes who saved these steaders. May the Spirits bless you! Your actions here have reached ears near and far and inspired many. Thank you for your bravery.
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No problem. It's what I do.
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Is that why you're here?
In a way. I'm a shaman of Owl, a Spirit many consider dead. It's my hope that by being in Cragstead, I might somehow revive her following. Maybe even Owl herself.
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Good luck.
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I'm just passing through.
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Just passing through.