Devotee of Owl

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Devotee of Owl


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Devotee of Owl is one of the last followers of the deceased spirit of Owl found at Owl's Abattoir.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Event involvement[edit]

Hero point.png Defeat the Devotee of Owl (19)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Summon Owl Spirits
  • Savage Leap Savage Leap - Lunges at the target and strikes them with his sword.
  • Sever Artery Sever Artery - Bleeds the target with a slash.
    • Gash Gash - Bleeds the target with a gash.
      • Final Thrust Final Thrust - Strikes the target with a final powerful thrust that does extra damage and inflicts bleeding against foes below the health threshold.


Hero point empty.png Few remain who still teach the ways of Owl, and yet, her methods are extraordinary. Hunting at night with ambush-like swiftness and precision. It's beautiful to behold. Shall I show you?
Talk combat option tango.png Show me.
Talk end option tango.png Now is not a good time.
Hero point.png You have the wisdom to know when to stop. That also fits Owl's purview. Spread word of how tragic Owl's loss truly is, won't you?
Talk end option tango.png I will.


  • He uses a Raven Shaman model.