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Owl's Respect

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Owl's Respect.png

Owl's Respect

Item type
Howler III: Howl
Account Bound
Silver coin 64 Copper coin
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Hint: Find the lost spirit of the owl high atop the Owl's Abattoir in Snowden Drifts.

— In-game description

Map to the Owl Spirit

Owl's Respect is a trophy required for the Howler III: Howl legendary weapon collection.


  • Walking up to the Owl Spirit found on top of the Owl Lodge in Snowden Drifts. When viewed on the world map, the owl is at the bottom of the lowercase "a" in "Abattoir".


  • To get to the Owl Spirit:
    • Starting from
      Waypoint (tango icon).png
       Owl Waypoint, head clockwise around the building until you can scamper up the eastern side.
    • Move around to the southern side of the building. The angle of the roof is shallow enough to be able to walk north up it. You'll end up on the northern edge facing down into the valley below.
    • To your left is a dark opening in the side of the building - jump up onto this ledge.
    • If you turn to the south when on the ledge, you'll now be able to see the inside of the building. You should also be able to see, emerging onto the western roof, the end of a beam in the light. Jump down from the platform onto the beam and follow it.
    • When you emerge at the far end of the beam, you'll be able to see the vista - if you rotate the camera back to the north you'll see another beam heading further up. Follow it.
    • When at the top, turn back to face the Owl Lodge point of interest marker, and jump up to the narrow edge of the roof - follow it until it ends. Use the blackened beams on your right as steps to get up to the top level.
    • Follow this final beam along, jumping the gap in the middle, to reach the Owl Spirit.
  • Alternatively, a Springer, Griffon or Skyscale mount can be used to skip to the top.


  • The Owl Spirit itself is sitting on a beam than cannot be stood on - don't get too close or you'll fall off.