Confessor Esthel

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Happy to meet you, hero. Happier to kill you.

— Confessor Esthel

Confessor Esthel is the leader of the White Mantle during the human Unknown Parents personal storyline. She's revealed to have operated a White Mantle cell from the shadows and that the Mantle were responsible for killing the parents of the Hero of Shaemoor as well as planning to assassinate many prominent allies of Queen Jennah. Many of her supporters were killed in a Shining Blade raid to the White Mantle hideout in 1325 AE, and Esthel herself met her end at the hands of the Hero of Shaemoor. The White Mantle survived Esthel's demise, however, and she was succeeded by a new Confessor who had much more ambitious plans in mind for the future of Kryta.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Blunderbuss - Causes Bleeding.png Bleeding
  • Bash - Melee attack
  • Shoot - Ranged projectile attack
Stolen skills