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Activate Cloaking Tech

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Activate Cloaking Tech.png

Activate Cloaking Tech

2 Recharge time  

Common Common
Special action
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Cloaking: Inactive

Engage Cloaking Tech to use Blish's arm skills, increase your speed by 50%, and become difficult to detect.

Nearby enemies may perceive you; chance of detection level increases with suspicion level.

Note: You cannot ride your mount while the cloaking effect is active.

— In-game description [?]

Activate Cloaking Tech is a special action skill granted to players during Forearmed Is Forewarned who don't have the cloaking effect on Blish's Arm currently active. It grants you the Cloaking Tech Active.png Cloaking Tech: Active effect, which is replaced by You've Been Spotted!.png You've Been Spotted! if you are revealed and found by the Awakened.


If players use this while mounted to the Springer they will be able to use weapon skills while having Adiabatic Cooling, Proximity Bombs, Dust Mite Canister and Contact Taimi as slot skills.