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Blish's Arm

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Blish's Arm

Blish's Arm.jpg

Allied Encampment
(Domain of Kourna)

Blish's Arm is an object found in the Allied Encampment during Forearmed Is Forewarned.

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Stun Bolts.png Stun Bolts 0.75¾ Heat generated: 0
Stun your target with a nonlethal compression bolt. The launcher holds three bolts and can be reloaded when empty.
Note: Reloading the launcher generates heat.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngReload Stun Bolts.png Reload Stun Bolts 30.25¼ Heat generated: 1-3
Compress up to three new stun bolts.
Note: Should the heat capacity allow it, the arm will only produce three bolts to prevent itself from overheating. If it's close to overheating, fewer bolts will be produced
2 Create Teleporter.png Triboelectrocution 10.25¼ Heat generated: 4
Instantly electrocutes a target. Heat generated upon successful attacks.
Note: This attack will only succeed if the target is in range and unaware of your presence. A successful attack will cause nearby enemies to detect you.
3 Arboreal Camouflage.png Arboreal Camouflage 10.25¼ Heat generated: 1-Maintains
Toggle Arboreal Camouflage, which increases heat levels by one constant unit when active.
All enemies, even those who are alert or suspicious, will pay no attention to a motionless tree. Health will not regenerate and gliding is unavailable while camouflaged.
Note: A moving tree attracts attention.
4 Quantum Mass Displacement.png Quantum Mass Displacement Heat generated: 2
Teleport to the targeted location.
Note: Disengages Arboreal Camouflage if this is used while the camouflage is active.
5 Micro Cloud.png Micro Cloud 1 5 Heat generated: 3
Fires a swarm of micro-golems. Micro-golems will dismantle turrets into Spare Parts and disorient other enemies.
6 Adiabatic Cooling.png Adiabatic Cooling 6 120 Heat generated: -10
Rapidly decreases Blish's arm's heat load. Prevents movement and the use of other skills when active. The process is noisy and may attract attention.
Skills are briefly unavailable after this process completes.
Remember: You will be visible and unable to move while this process is running.
7 Bomb.png Proximity Bombs 10.25¼ 3 Heat generated: 0
Place a bomb. After 3 seconds, the bomb will arm itself and detonate when an enemy enters the trigger zone.
Note: Bombs can be placed while Arboreal Camouflage is active.
8 Dust Mite Canister.png Dust Mite Canister 0.75¾ Heat generated: 0
Lob a canister at the target area to release a dust mite twister. The tamed twister will attack nearby enemies and dissipate once it leaves combat.
Note: Can be used while Arboreal Camouflage is active.
0 Communicator Ping.png Contact Taimi Heat generated: 0
Call Taimi for updates.