Bundles for fractals and dungeons

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A player with his trusty plank, ready to smash some faces and breakbars.

This page covers a subset of purchasable bundles which can be used in fractals and dungeons. Various effects are available but they are usually brought for crowd control ("CC") versus defiance bars, with some stealth skips possible in dungeons.

Crowd control[edit]

Item Acquisition Location Effect Last confirmed for build 115,267
None. All known crowd control items previously listed in this table have been disabled as of the May 11th, 2021 update.
Feel free to add further working items to this table.

Other effects[edit]

Item Acquisition Location Effect
Medical Pack.png Medical Pack Lionguard Haral for 77 Karma.png after his heart. Snowden Drifts, southwest of Waypoint (tango icon).png Highpass Haven Waypointloading… Healing, Fury and Swiftness
Harpy Feathers.png Harpy Feathers Forager Hitkiti for 40 Copper coin after his event. Harathi Hinterlands, west of Waypoint (tango icon).png Arcallion Waypointloading… Stealth with Throw Feathers (3 seconds)
Ash Legion Spy Kit.png Ash Legion Spy Kit Kyra Sharptracker for 28 Karma.png after her heart. Plains of Ashford, north of Waypoint (tango icon).png Guardpoint Decimus Waypointloading… Camouflage with Camouflage (10 seconds, ends if you move)
Order of Whispers Spy Kit.png Order of Whispers Spy Kit Agent Rexx for 16 Copper coin after his event. Caledon Forest, southwest of Waypoint (tango icon).png Spiral Waypointloading… Stealth with Create Distraction (3 seconds)
Scarlet's Spare Keys.png Spy Kit Scout Variloo for Silver coin 28 Copper coin after his event. Malchor's Leap, below Waypoint (tango icon).png Union Waypointloading… Stealth with Create Distraction (3 seconds)


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