Badge of Tribute

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Badge of Tribute.png

Badge of Tribute

Item type
Crafting material
Mat. storage
Scribing Materials
Disciplines used by
Scribe tango icon 20px.png 25
38 Copper coin
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Purchased for Badges of Honor in the guild's war room. Used to craft WvW upgrades.

— In-game description

Badge of Tribute is used by the scribe and is required for some guild upgrades.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Davis the Survivor Davis the Survivor  
Gilded Hollow
Lost Precipice
Windswept Haven
Isle of Reflection
30 Badge of Honor

Contained in[edit]

Used in[edit]

Scribe tango icon 20px.png Scribe

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Supply Drop.png Schematic: Minor Supply Drop Basic 25
Sabotage Depot.png Schematic: Sabotage Depot Basic 100
Mists Rock Dog Statue.png Mists Rock Dog Statue Basic 125
Armored Dolyaks.png Schematic: Armored Dolyaks Basic 150
Chilling Fog Tactic.png Schematic: Chilling Fog Basic 150
Mists Minotaur Statue.png Mists Minotaur Statue Basic 175
Hardened Gates.png Schematic: Hardened Gates Basic 175
Invulnerable Dolyaks.png Schematic: Invulnerable Dolyaks Basic 175
Speedy Dolyaks.png Schematic: Speedy Dolyaks Basic 175
Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints (schematic).png Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints Fine 200
Scribing- Guild Ballista.png Guild Ballista Blueprints Fine 200
Iron Guards.png Schematic: Iron Guards Basic 200
Turtle Banner Tactic.png Schematic: Turtle Banner Basic 200
Assault Roller.png Schematic: Assault Roller Basic 225
Hardened Siege.png Schematic: Hardened Siege Basic 225
Mists Drake Statue.png Mists Drake Statue Basic 250
Centaur Banner Tactic.png Schematic: Centaur Banner Basic 250
Packed Dolyaks.png Schematic: Packed Dolyaks Basic 250
Guild Catapult (schematic).png Guild Catapult Fine 300
Guild Flame Ram Blueprint (schematic).png Guild Flame Ram Blueprint Fine 300
Dragon Banner Tactic.png Schematic: Dragon Banner Basic 300
Siege Dampener.png Schematic: Siege Dampener Basic 325
Mists Griffon Statue.png Mists Griffon Statue Basic 350
Emergency Waypoint.png Schematic: Emergency Waypoint Basic 350
Auto Turrets.png Schematic: Gate Turrets Basic 350
Presence of the Keep.png Schematic: Presence of the Keep Basic 375
Watchtower.png Schematic: Watchtower Basic 375
Guild Shield Generator Blueprint (schematic).png Guild Shield Generator Blueprint Fine 400
Guild Siege Golem Blueprints (schematic).png Guild Siege Golem Blueprints Fine 400
Guild Trebuchet Blueprints (schematic).png Guild Trebuchet Blueprints Fine 400
Mists Dolyak Statue.png Mists Dolyak Statue Basic 400
Airship Defense.png Schematic: Airship Defense Basic 400
Cloaking Waters.png Schematic: Cloaking Waters Basic 400

Guild upgrades[edit]

Upgrade Guild Level AetheriumAetherium FavorFavor Materials
Guild Enhancement: World Experience Guild Enhancement: World Experience 14 3,000 300
Guild Enhancement: World Reward Tracks Guild Enhancement: World Reward Tracks 7 1,000 150
Guild Waypoint 5% Discount Guild Waypoint 5% Discount 13 3,000 500
Guild Waypoint 10% Discount Guild Waypoint 10% Discount 27 10,000 800
Guild Waypoint 15% Discount Guild Waypoint 15% Discount 40 25,000 1,000
Mission Slot: WvW Mission Slot: WvW 4 500 150
Objective Aura 1: Supply Capacity Objective Aura 1: Supply Capacity 6 1,000 200
Objective Aura 2: WvW Experience Objective Aura 2: WvW Experience 9 1,500 200
Objective Aura 3: Movement Speed Objective Aura 3: Movement Speed 17 2,000 200
Objective Aura 4: Power Objective Aura 4: Power 21 5,000 200
Objective Aura 5: Precision Objective Aura 5: Precision 25 5,000 200
Objective Aura 6: Toughness Objective Aura 6: Toughness 29 5,000 200
Objective Aura 7: Vitality Objective Aura 7: Vitality 33 5,000 200
Objective Aura 8: Magic Find Objective Aura 8: Magic Find 37 5,000 200
War Room Restoration 2 War Room Restoration 2 20 5,000 500
WvW Guild Claiming: Camps WvW Guild Claiming: Camps 5 500 250
WvW Guild Claiming: Keeps WvW Guild Claiming: Keeps 22 5,000 300
WvW Guild Claiming: Stonemist Castle WvW Guild Claiming: Stonemist Castle 31 15,000 300
WvW Guild Claiming: Towers WvW Guild Claiming: Towers 10 3,000 300


  • Purchasing this item in a guild hall also counts toward the Daily WvW Big Spender achievement, even though its description states "Spend 25 Badges of Honor in World versus World".