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United Legions Siege weapons are environmental weapons used in Drizzlewood Coast. They are fixed to their deploy location. Unlike their WvW counterparts they have no build site. These weapons can be used by any player on the map; npcs can attack (and damage) the objects. Important for destroying enemy siege weapons and structures, Siege weapons are useful helping the United Legions to claim Dominion territory .

Siege weapons can hit more targets than player skills can: either 10, 25 or 50 targets depending on the weapon compared to the limit of five for player skills.

Types of siege weapons available in Drizzlewood Coast[edit]

There are four types of siege weapons that players can deploy. Siege weapons require the corresponding blueprint to place, which can be bought from a United Legions Quaestor, obtained as a possible drop from Lost Charr Supply Drop or Battle Cry participation containers.

Unlike their WvW counterparts there are no superior or guild versions available.

Stationary and self-propelled siege weapons[edit]

The available siege weapons are:

Type War Supply Cost Range AoE Limit Description
United Legions Flame Ram 50 War Supplies.png 360 50 Deals heavy damage to gates.
United Legions Arrow Cart 100 War Supplies.png 2500 25 Deals moderate area damage to infantry.
United Legions Ballista 150 War Supplies.png 3000 10 Deals heavy single target damage to siege equipment and infantry.
United Legions Catapult 200 War Supplies.png 4000 50 Deals moderate area damage to infantry.

Structural siege weapons[edit]

Bases under United Legions control have their own defensive siege weapons. These are stationary on the objective and can be repaired or upgraded with war supplies. Upgrading them grants them one tier of Defense Enhancement, which reduces damage taken by 1%, up to 10%.

They cannot be controlled by the player but attack any Dominion foe in their range.

Type Repair cost Upgrade cost per tier
Turret 200 War Supplies.png 20 War Supplies.png
Oil Bucket 200 War Supplies.png 20 War Supplies.png

Siege weapons despawning[edit]

Placed siege weapons despawn if they are not manned for 5 minutes. The time remaining is shown by the Siege Decay Timer effect on the weapon; players can reset it by briefly manning the weapon.


  • The player who placed the siege weapon is not considered its owner. Any player can use the siege weapon, unlike in WvW the player placing the siege weapon cannot take control of the weapon if it is already being operated by an other player.

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