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Assembly Device

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Interact with the aetheric assembly device in the workshop to open the assembly queue. Crafting schematics will appear here and can be queued for assembly, which takes a varying amount of time. This process can be cut short by spending resonance. When a schematic is fully assembled, it will appear in the guild's storage panel.

Aetheric Assembly

Assembly Device is an object found in each guild hall used for queueing schematics.


Crystal Desert
Heart of Maguuma


  • Schematics crafted by scribes enter the guild's assembly device automatically.
  • Assembly devices offer separate queues for each game type, each able to process upgrades at the same time:
  • Active processing queues cause the device to create bright particle effects above it. These effects are removed when all upgrades are completed or removed from the device.
  • Interacting with the device is limited based on guild permissions:
    • Edit Assembly Queue — Queue and reorder schematics in the workshop assembly.
    • Use Resonance — Instantly complete in progress schematics by spending resonance. Note that resonance has been removed from the game, in favor of significantly shorter assembly times for schematics.
  • Schematics in the device stack up to the usual 250 limit. When that limit is reached, no new schematics of that type can be crafted. There is no visible error message in the crafting UI, nor any hint what the cause is. You can still click the "Craft" buttons, and the crafting bar still fills up, but at the end no schematic will be crafted. You will not lose any materials due to this though.
  • Schematics in the device needs to be confirmed to craft. After confirmation the schematic will take 30s to finish crafting.



  • Although the button to Use Resonance still exists in the interface, the April 19th, 2016 update, which reduced the majority of assembly times to 30 seconds, has made this using resonance largely unnecessary. In addition, the update has removed the ability to acquire resonance from the game. The interface will still show unspent resonance for guilds that have it prior to the update.