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Interactive map (Surface)

Roy is a ghost found in the Obsidian Sanctum that sells the Endless Potion of Ascalonian Mages.


The Mists

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Minor Potion of Ice Brood Slaying.png Endless Potion of Ascalonian Mages Novelty, Gizmo Rare 250 Minor Potion of Ice Brood Slaying.png + 100 WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png


  • He is located in the arena area, at the top of the stands to the left after the player enters the arena proper.
  • He was added in the September 29th, 2020 update.


  • The Ascalonian Mages tonic is commonly used in the player created GvG game mode, the Obsidian Sanctum where this endless tonic is sold is the main arena used for matches.
  • He is named after a Guild Wars 2 streamer and content creator, Roy Marks, best known for his WvW and GvG content. In May 2022, Marks joined ArenaNet as an Associate Designer.