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Seraph Scout is a cloaked member of the Seraph informing players about the desertion of Fort Vandal.

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 2


Watch where you step. Something odd is afoot.
Talk more option tango.png
I don't know if I can take you seriously after that pun.
Accidental, I swear! You really ought to watch yourself. Something here caused the Triad to vacate Fort Vandal. Good for us, maybe. Unless what scared them off was worse.
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What are you thinking?
The fort was abandoned so fast the Triad hardly had time to collect their notes. Vines were scattered all over. Place looked an awful lot like what happened at Fort Salma and Concordia.
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So you think Mordremoth has attacked, or will attack, this fort?
Maybe it started to. But whatever it was interested in is gone now. Either way, step lightly. Seraph are on their way to secure the fort.
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All right. Thanks.
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All right.