Witherflank River

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Witherflank River

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Witherflank River map.jpg
Map of Witherflank River

Witherflank River locator.svg
Location within Gendarran Fields


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Witherflank River is a waterway located in northern central Gendarran Fields. It flows from the Harathi Hinterlands to between the Blood Hill Camps and Northfields, and is populated by a group of River Drakes led by a broodmother.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Vista (map icon).png Northfields Vista —
Go to the west of the waterfall between Blood Hill Camps and Provernic Crypt and climb to the second landing. Follow that landing to the waterfall and jump the gap. There you should be able to easily climb to the vista.
Alternatively you can approach the vista from the east side by clearing out 2 Tamini and running along the south edge of the hill towards the vista.





Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png River Fish


  • There is a hidden chest north of the vista which cannot be interacted with.