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Raven Light Shrine

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Raven Light Shrine

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Raven Light Shrine light.jpg
A raven light shrine emiting the blue spherical light (with trail)

Raven Light Shrine raven.jpg
The blue light in raven form

Raven Light Shrines are Raven totems which emit slow-moving orbs of blue, spherical light when interacted with. They require the Raven's Light mastery.

In the open passes of Bjora Marches, the lights can be bounced off of adjustable mirrors in order to solve puzzles; see Luminary for details. In the Raven Sanctum, the lights will interact with Raven statues, transforming the orb into the shape of a raven and applying Light Aura.png Raven's Light to protect the player from the effects of Darkness.png Oppressive Darkness.


Shiverpeak Mountains

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