Fused Gauntlets

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Fused Gauntlets were a reward for the completion of the Flame and Frost narrative and obtained through the use of a Fused Gauntlet Ticket. The gauntlets came in the three armor classes and had the Sentinel's attribute bonus set. The gauntlets were account bound similar to dungeon equipment. All three types of gauntlets shared the same model.

The PvP Fused Gauntlet skins could be obtained randomly through Tournament Reward Chests.

As of the start of Season 2 of the Living World, Fused Gauntlets and all other Living World rewards can be bought from the Laurel Vendor.



The gauntlets currently have graphical bugs with the dripping effect while in stealth. It is not known at this time if this gives away the user's position in sPvP/WvW.