Holo Eye of Zhaitan

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It's got its eye on you, but don't take that as a compliment. Look out for the evil gaze of the Eye of Zhaitan!

Halstein (Dragon Arena)

Holo Eye of Zhaitan is a Holographic Dragon Minion created for Dragon Bash, made in the image of an Eye of Zhaitan. It is the fitfh round's champion inside the Dragon Arena.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceLocked defiance barConfused Clone

  • Light Aura.png Energized Hologram - Each stack increases health and damage output. (During Dragon Arena Survival)
  • Charging Energies (attack effect).png Holographic Strain - The hologram's presence causes all foes within range to take damage every 3 seconds. (During Dragon Arena Survival, after gaining 6 stacks of Energized Hologram)
  • Occasionally, the Holo Eye of Zhaitan will start channeling Protective Membrane, indicated by a large glow around its body. During the channel, all each hit the Eye receives grants it Protection.png Protection, Might.png5 Might, and Resolution.png Resolution. At the end of the channel, it will unleash an unavoidable burst of energy.
  • The Eye will also summon Lesser Eyes that deal nominal amounts of damage. When killed, Lesser Eyes grant player characters Quickness.png Quickness and Fury.png Fury for a short duration.
  • Chaos Burst - A large filling AOE that deals massive damage.
  • Mega Beam - An attack that deals major damage and launches the foe 1,200 units away.
  • Protective Membrane - A channeled attack that grants boons to the Eye when attacked, and unleashes a burst of unavoidable damage at the end.
  • Spinning Energy Rain - The Eye fires out numerous projectiles in random directions.
  • Spin Beam - A PBAOE attack.
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