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Biergarten map.jpg
Map of Biergarten

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Courage Brewery.jpg

Courage Brewery

The Biergarten is the drinking area of Hoelbrak near Lake Mourn. It holds Courage Brewery.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Courage Brewery





Activity (map icon).png Brewer
Merchant (vendor icon).png Gudrin
Merchant (vendor icon).png Steingrim

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Local: I can't believe Whitebear's sons aren't paired off yet.
Local: ...And my axe is the sharpest of all.
Local: I heard there are strange happenings in the north. Maybe I'll check it out.
Elder: I wish more and more for my younger days. Time has been cruel, and I feel the spirits pulling me. I'll join them soon.
Local: (growl) That was bracing! Nothing like a skinny dip to wake yourself up.
Local: I'm itching for a hunt.
Local: Hoelbrak sure is busy lately. I get the sense that something big is going to happen, and soon!
Local: We haven't talked for ages. I wonder how Divinity's Reach is treating her.
Local: Ale! Ale! It's better
Local: I could use a good fight!
Local: Bear's jaw! You test my patience like no other before you. It's a good thing you know how to sharpen my axe.
Local: I keep hearing the pups second-guessing us. They sound like use when we were that age. Damn fools.
Local: A toast! To Eir Stegalkin. May her Raven wit be ever sharp.
Local: Raven's beak! Don't tell me you've no sense! Put the blade in all the way, and THEN twist.
Local: This is not as much fun as I thought.
Local: (belch) Funny, I don't remember eating that.
Brewer: Ever want to learn the fine art of keg tossing? Come talk to me. I'll show you what to do!


  • Biergarten is the German word for "Beer Garden." Beer Gardens are similar to public houses or bars, except drinks and food are served outside, usually on picnic tables. This is one of many examples of Germanic and Scandinavian influence on norn culture.