The moa race begins soon. Place your bets with Tigg now

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The moa race begins soon. Place your bets with Tigg now

Interactive map

Interactive map

Moa Racing is a seasonal event that occurs during Dragon Bash.


  • Place your bets with Tigg and pick a winner.
  • The race will begin in: 2:00


During this two-minute window, players may talk to Tigg to bet 10 zhaitaffy on a winning moa. Players may bet on multiple moas at a time.

The event chain repeats every 9 minutes, or 5 minutes after the end of the previous round.




Event start
Announcer: You can't win if you don't pick a winner! Choose your moa and go home with the gold!
Announcer: Gather 'round and place your wagers. Will your moa finish first?
Announcer: Winner buys dinner, and the loser becomes dinner! Ha! Just kidding, everyone. We don't eat the moas.
Tigg: Behold! Moa racing's triumphant return! The event starts soon. Care to bet some zhaitaffy on the winner?

Related achievements[edit]


  • The zhaitaffy for the bets must be on player's inventory, it will not retrieve them from bank or material storage.
    • The effects applied after betting will be removed if the player disconnects or changes the map instance.
  • Players may talk to Moa Trainer Kappa to enter the point of view of a moa of their choice.
    • While spectating, you can set off fireworks. These fireworks do not contribute to the Color the Sky achievement.
    • If you dismount during the race, you will be left at the moa's position at the time, rather than back at the start of the race.
  • If you bet on the winning moa, you receive one Dragon Coffer.

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