The moa race begins soon. Place your bets with Tigg now

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The moa race begins soon. Place your bets with Tigg now

Interactive map

Interactive map

Moa Racing is a seasonal event that occurs during Dragon Bash.


  • Place your bets with Tigg and pick a winner.
  • The race will begin in: 2:00


During this two-minute window, players may talk to Tigg to bet 10 zhaitaffy on a winning moa. Players may bet on multiple moas at a time.

The event chain repeats every 9 minutes, or 5 minutes after the end of the previous round.





While event is not active
Tigg: The betting window has closed for this race. Check back later and pick a winner in the next one!
Talk end option tango.png I'll think about it.
Event start
Announcer: You can't win if you don't pick a winner! Choose your moa and go home with the gold!
Announcer: Gather 'round and place your wagers. Will your moa finish first?
Announcer: Winner buys dinner, and the loser becomes dinner! Ha! Just kidding, everyone. We don't eat the moas.
Tigg: Behold! Moa racing's triumphant return! The event starts soon. Care to bet some zhaitaffy on the winner?
If there is some Zhaitaffy in inventory:
Talk give option tango.png My candy's on Meep the Second. (Bet 10 Zhaitaffy)
Talk give option tango.png I'll stake some zhaitaffy on Mystic Forgery. (Bet 10 Zhaitaffy)
Talk give option tango.png Logan's Lover is the one. Take my zhaitaffy. (Bet 10 Zhaitaffy)
Talk give option tango.png Tipping the Skales is destined to win. Take my candy. (Bet 10 Zhaitaffy)
Talk give option tango.png Always bet on the Fightin' Commander! (Bet 10 Zhaitaffy)
Always available regardless having some Zhaitaffy in inventory or not:
Talk end option tango.png Not in the mood right now.
Moa Trainer Kappa: Thanks to the advances in moa sport magiscience, you can now spectate from a racer's position as if you were riding it yourself! Care to try it out?
Talk ready option.png I would like to watch Meep the Second.
Talk ready option.png Show me Mystic Forgery's point of view.
Talk ready option.png I'd like to follow Logan's Lover.
Talk ready option.png Show me Tipping the Skales.
Talk ready option.png I want to watch the Fightin' Commander.
Talk end option tango.png No, thanks.


  • The zhaitaffy for the bets must be on player's inventory, it will not retrieve them from bank or material storage.
    • The effects applied after betting will be removed if the player disconnects or changes the map instance.
  • Players may talk to Moa Trainer Kappa to enter the point of view of a moa of their choice.
    • While spectating, you can set off fireworks. These fireworks do not contribute to the Color the Sky achievement.
    • If you dismount during the race, you will be left at the moa's position at the time, rather than back at the start of the race.

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