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I only... did... as I was told...

— Minister Julius Zamon

Minister Julius Zamon was the corrupt Krytan Ministry representative for the Ossan Quarter. In 1325 AE, it was discovered that Zamon had been sending orders to at least some of the bandits in Shaemoor Fields, having somehow "obtained" a chalice that was stolen from the Corone family. He had also received a letter from his sister, Lady Madeline, detailing his connections to a black market, and had been found with blueprints of all the houses that had been recently burgled in the Salma District. Additionally, someone had been sending the Ministry Guard away from soon-to-be bandit targets, just before they were raided.

Zamon was arrested and called to trial (presided over by Legate Minister Caudecus). Rather than refute the accusations, he chose to invoke his right to trial by combat to clear the charges against him. How Zamon knew about this ancient law was unknown as he was no historian; Countess Anise suspected that Caudecus might have been backing Zamon and had advised the minister about the clause in secret. Zamon died while fighting the Hero of Shaemoor in the trial and was therefore declared guilty posthumously. However, Zamon's death also left no loose ends to pursue regarding any other potential bandit ties to the Ministry.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Ring of Fire - Damage nearby foes with a ring of fire, burning foes that pass through it.
  • Static Field - Create an electrical field that stuns foes crossing it.
  • Water Blast - Spray a jet of water at your foe that splashes to heal nearby allies.
Stolen skills