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Outlaw refers to an enemy type that is affected by the Sigil of Justice and the various Outlaw slaying potions. This enemy type appears to only include human outlaws; charr Renegades and human Separatists are both fighting against their governments to stop the human-charr peace treaty, but only Separatists are considered outlaws.

Outlaw organizations[edit]


Primary article: Bandit

Bandits are outlaws mainly active in Kryta with other, unrelated bandits found in the Crystal Desert. Most bandits do not appear to fight for any particular cause or political ideal, but rather are just thieves and kidnappers only in it for the money. Many Central Tyrian bandits are former farmers, displaced from their lands by centaur raids. They feel betrayed by their government and the queen's inability to protect them and feeling they have no alternatives, they turn to a life of crime. An exceptionally large group of organized bandits can be found in Brisban Wildlands, as part of the Sinister Triad.


Primary article: Pirate

Pirates are scallywags of coasts and isles in all around Tyria. Elonian pirates are called corsairs.

White Mantle[edit]

Primary article: White Mantle

White Mantle is the remnant of an oppressive cult that ruled Kryta centuries ago. They worship a powerful race called the Mursaat who vanished centuries ago when they were expelled from Kryta by the Shining Blade. Despite the absence of their gods, some White Mantle cultists remain active to this day, and quietly work against Krytan royalty. They are so remarkably covert that many people believe they are nothing but a myth. During the human personal story it is revealed that Jannaj's Bandits are actually an undercover White Mantle cell.


Primary article: Separatists

Separatists are humans found in Ascalon, mostly Fields of Ruin and Blazeridge Steppes. They still fear and distrust charr after The Searing and other charr aggression, and are fighting against the peace treaty between humans and charr being brokered by their government. Ironically, they and the charr Renegades are working towards the same goal.

Items that affect outlaws[edit]