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Two-Blade Pete is a gang leader in Divinity's Reach during the human personal story if they chose the Street Rat background. Pete is a foul gangster with a widespread network of (more or less) loyal criminals and delinquents at his disposal, including the player's childhood friend Quinn and his friend Riot Alice. His masterpiece should have been the poisoning of a water well in Divinity's Reach - a plan thwarted by the Seraph with the player's help in which many bandits and one of Pete's lieutenants gets killed.

During Breaking the Blade, Pete, who is after the player for revenge, is lured into a trap by the player and Captain Logan Thackeray, and gets killed together with his remaining lieutenant and more members of the gang.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

Stolen skills


  • When champions were removed from low level areas, this also affected the champion in the first chapter of the Personal Story. However, some such as Two-Blade Pete that show up in steps before being a boss did not have their rank changed in the earlier steps. This effectively made them a champion and a veteran depending on location.