Seraph Scout Manual: Bandits

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Seraph Scout Manual: Bandits

Item type
Creature Codex
Soulbound on Acquire
Game link

Double Click to gain a skill point.
This tattered book is filled with battle-won insight into commonly-used Krytan bandit tactics.
"Always go after the one with the bomb first."
-Major Winters
Account Collectible

— In-game description

The Seraph Scout Manual: Bandits was a Creature Codex book that provided the player with a skill point and lore on bandits. Before its removal reading it was a skill challenge.


Seraph Scout Manual: Bandits

Bandits are part of a large, loose-knit community of criminals in Tyria, typically grouped together outside the reach of the various law enforcement groups found in Tyria's major cities.

Like pirates, bandits exist to get rich by stealing from or killing their marks.

The life of a bandit is typically violent and short, and most of their ranks are garnered from the poorer ranks of society who have few options to earn gold through legitimate means. They typically fight to the death and rarely operate alone.