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Secret Contact

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Secret Contact is an achievement to seek out dead-drop locations to reveal clues about the Molten Alliance. It requires you to speak to Agent Brandubh in Diessa Plateau during the Alliance Investigation episode in order to be able to collect the dead drops.


Secret Contact Flame and Frost 15Achievement points
Use the Order Cryptotranslator to decrypt 12 dead drops.Agent Brandubh is trying to find and translate dead-drop messages from his partner, who is undercover in the dredge-Flame Legion alliance.
Get a cryptotranslator from Agent Brandubh. It will help locate the dead drops across Diessa Plateau and Wayfarer Foothills and then decrypt them for you.
1 Dead Drops Translated 1Achievement points
6 Dead Drops Translated 4Achievement points
12 Dead Drops Translated 10Achievement points


First speak to Agent Brandubh to receive a mail with the first list of locations, and unlock the possibility to collect the dead drops
Map of the locations
Diessa Plateau Dead Drop locations
  • Rocky Outcrop north of the field in Gram Hills, near ore
  • Tall plateau in Gram Hills, near harpy nest
  • Pile of rock outside Point of interest (map icon).png Silex Castrum
  • Fallen tree north of the Point of interest (map icon).png Caravan Wreckage
  • Base of a fissure in the rocky field north of Point of interest (map icon).png Bovarin Estate
  • By the snowy tree behind Point of interest (map icon).png Butcher's Yard
Wayfarer Foothills Dead Drop locations
It is not necessary to complete the Alliance Investigation episode and recieve the mail with the Wayfarer Foothills locations in order to grab these dead drops

Interactive map[edit]