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Disambig icon.png This article is about the god realm. For the area of Dragonfall, see Underworld (Dragonfall).

The Underworld, known also as the Realm of the Dead, is part of the Mists and the realm of Grenth of the Six Human Gods and Raven of the Spirits of the Wild. All newly dead unguided souls arrive here when they enter the Mists from Tyria, where they are judged and sent to their final destinations. The underworld is divided into several sections, many overseen by one of the Seven Reapers or other lieutenants of Grenth such as The Judge.[1] Among these sections is the Mad Realm which has been usurped by Mad King Thorn since his death in the ninth century of the Mouvelian calendar.


Early history[edit]

The Underworld was the realm of Dhuum until he was overthrown by Grenth who became the new God of Death. 250 years ago, the Underworld was attacked by the former god's army of dryders, ghosts, and skeletons. This army had ensnared the Seven Reapers and caused chaos in the Underworld, sending souls to torturous places like the Realm of Torment. To aid in the battle, adventurers were allowed access to the Underworld to assist Grenth's forces. However, some arrived to plunder the Underworld's riches instead.

During this conflict, Dhuum regained strength through any death in the Underworld, and eventually broke free of his chains. Though the Seven Reapers and some mortal allies did eventually manage to re-imprison him, the new bindings were inefficient and Dhuum managed to break free repeatedly from his imprisonment.

In addition to this, the constant traveling between Tyria and the Underworld caused the barrier between the two realms to weaken, allowing Godslost Swamp, as well as other areas, to be overrun with Portals to the Underworld. Throughout Tyria, several creatures from the Underworld could be seen coming from such portals up to the present day. The most common of these are Nightmares, but often imps and fleshreavers are seen as well.

Modern developments[edit]



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