Revive Orb

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Revive Orb

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Revive Sickness.png Revive Sickness(1 m): You remain in combat until sickness wears off.

Rally from defeat at your current location.

This item cannot be used in Raids, PvP or WvW.

— In-game description

Revive Orb is a consumable that spawns a circling orb vortex, which takes a consistent 10 seconds and returns the player to 50% health at their current location. The applied effect Revive Sickness does not affect health or movement but prevents leaving combat for 10 seconds. When defeated, if you have an orb in inventory, you will receive a UI option to "Consume a Revive Orb" alongside the usual "Return to Waypoint" option.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Black Lion Chest Merchant Memorial Quadrant
Dwayna High Road
Trader's Forum
Interdisciplinary Accessium
Reckoner's Terrace
Trade Commons
Black Citadel
Divinity's Reach
Lion's Arch
Rata Sum
The Grove
Black Lion Statuette.png
Black Lion Statuette
Black Lion Statuette.png
Gem Store 250 Gem.png
Gem Store 5 / 900 Gem.png

Contained in[edit]


  • With the September 20th, 2016 update, the previous effect, Revive sickness, was replaced by Revive Sickness. The ghostly caretaker was replaced by a circling vortex, and the option to consume the item was added alongside the usual return-to-waypoint UI option that appears upon defeat.