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Damage type is a visual effect found on weapon items and skills. It makes creatures die with a different animation, depending on the damage type of the final blow. This serves a purely cosmetic purpose and has no impact on combat mechanics. Each weapon has a default damage type, determined by its skin, which can be overridden by attacks from weapon skills that use that weapon. Changing a weapon's skin in the Wardrobe or by using a skin consumable will apply the skin's damage type to the weapon. Bundles also generally override equipped weapons.

There are five damage types (not to be confused with the three damage types (i.e., sources) listed on the Damage page):



  • Heart of Thorns exotic weapons and Forged weapons have Choking as the damage type of the weapon itself, not the skin. This can be seen via the API. Currently, the base weapon's damage type is not used in the game, and only the weapon skin's damage type is in effect.


  • In the original Guild Wars, damage types affect game play, increasing or decreasing damage dealt to targets depending on the armor rating of the damage type.
  • With the release of Heart of Thorns, weapons with non-physical damage types are now displayed on the weapon's tooltip.

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