Lionguard Katlyth

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Lionguard Katlyth


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Lionguard Katlyth is a Sylvari Lionguard stationed at the Arterium Haven in Artergon Woods. She joined the Lionguard after her lover, a merchant, was killed in an ambush while transporting goods.


Maguuma Jungle


My lover was a merchant who took supplies to and from Lion's Arch. On one journey, his caravan was attacked. He never came home.
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So you joined the Lionguard?
Yes. After he died, there's been nothing left for me but to protect the Lion Road so that it doesn't happen to anyone else.
How noble! Your selflessness is inspiring.
That's kind of you, truly. It's the only way I've found to fight my anger.
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Glad it's working.
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Good plan.
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That's rough.