Lionguard Kady

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Lionguard Kady


Interactive map

Lionguard Kady is a Lionguard found at Kraitbane Haven.



Welcome to Kraitbane Haven. From here, the Lionguard helps secure this leg of the Lion Road and as much of the nearby area as we can manage.
Talk more option tango.png How's that been going?
Well, we've got the road secure. I wish we had more guards to help the locals, especially the folks over at Annwen. They have a lot of hylek trouble over there. We help as much as we can, though.
Talk more option tango.png Why not just station Lionguards there?
Even if we had the manpower, they're already got wardens there. It's outside our jurisdiction; we wouldn't want to step on their toes. We keep the road safe for them and try to help when they ask.
Talk end option tango.png That's better than nothing.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the welcome. Take care.
While Defend Annwen's wardens from the hylek raid event is up
I've heard reports of major hylek activity in the region, particularly around the Hamlet of Annwen. They've got a few wardens there, but that won't be enough if the Hylek attack in force. Can you check in on them?
Tick green.png I'll take a look.
Talk end option tango.png I'm busy.