Reztiff Sunderfoe

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Reztiff Sunderfoe is a one of the leaders of the Lionguard who assaults Svanir's Dome and is tasked with capturing the east tower. When not part of the assault, he can be found south of Lionscout Alli.



When I was assigned to this backwater, I thought I'd spend my days helping fat merchants discipline their dolyaks. But the Sons of Svanir have kept things lively.
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What are the Sons of Svanir up to?
Attacking homesteads, harassing travelers, stealing, burning, recruiting. You name it. And they've gotten worse recently. We have to keep a vigilant eye on them. Especially Svanir's Dome.
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What's Svanir's Dome?
It's their headquarters. Big enclave right across the road from our haven. We've seen an increase in activity there lately. Svanir fighters are massing at the dome. My whiskers sense trouble.
I'm sure that experienced soldiers like the Lionguard can handle anything those rabble-rousers get up to.
You know it! Tell me if you need any assistance while you're in the area. We guards will look out for you.
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Thank you.
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I hope your whiskers are wrong. Good-bye.
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Good luck with that.
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At least you're not bored. See you.
During Help Reztiff Sunderfoe capture the east tower
We'll chat after the fight, cub. Now secure that tower!
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Will do.
After Help Reztiff Sunderfoe capture the east tower
Wait. Both teams must have the towers secured before we advance.
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During Capture the center of the Svanir Dome
Keep watch for more Svanir. Sure as steel, they'll try to take this dome back. And we'll be ready for them.
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Yes, we will.
During Kill the corrupted leader of the Sons of Svanir
What's the matter? Don't you know how to fight? Attack the Svanir!
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Right. On it!