Lionscout Pilfar

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Lionscout Pilfar


Interactive map

Lionscout Pilfar is a thief turned Lionguard trapping drakes in the Archen Foreland.



Hey, you look like you can trap some drakes. Why don't you help me get a few points here?
Talk more option tango.png Points?
Yeah, points! I'm having a little competition with my friend over there to see who can bag the most drakes.
Talk more option tango.png I didn't think charr usually made friends with humans.
The world's changed, pal. Friendship doesn't have to be limited to your warband or legion or whatever you're part of. In times like this, I say everyone could use more allies.
Talk more option tango.png Fair enough. So, tell me how to help.
Catch a frog and use it to set my traps. When the drakes come for it, we'll smash them!
Talk more option tango.png Why can't we just go get the drakes?
We're not allowed to encroach on drake territory. We just "discourage" the ones who wander near the road. Tunnira's rules.
Talk end option tango.png I see. Discourage by death. Let's do it, then.
Talk end option tango.png Set traps. Smash drakes. Got it.
Ferocity Neither of you have a chance against me!
Settle down. We have a few rules.
Talk more option tango.png Rules? (Same as "We're not allowed...")
Talk end option tango.png Boring.
Talk more option tango.png So how can I help? (Same as "Catch a frog...")
Talk more option tango.png I'd love to! (Same as "Catch a frog...")
Talk end option tango.png Because I have much better things to do.