Lionguard Renee

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Lionguard Renee is a Lionguard stationed at First Haven who gives information about specific places in the region.



It may not look it, but I'm a busy woman. What do you want?
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I was wondering what you could tell me about the area.
Up north you got self-proclaimed Ascalonians stirring up bad blood and getting in fights with the centaurs. South of here, the undead roam the swamps. If I were you, I'd stick to the roads.
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Speaking of the swamp, what's going on out there?
The undead are all riled up. I don't know what started it but Watchman Christophe is looking for people to finish it. Tell you the truth, they make me really nervous.
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I see, thanks for the lead.
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Looks like this place has seen better days, what happened here?
The undead like to use this place as their own personal wrecking ground. This is the result of their handy work
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Sorry. Good luck rebuilding.
I can take care of myself. I don't appreciate your tone.
Get your hackles down. I didn't mean any harm. You're right, you look more than capable of defending yourself, unlike some of the lollygaggers around here.
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Apology accepted.
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Got it.
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Never mind.