Swamplost Haven

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Swamplost Haven


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Swamplost Haven is a Lionguard haven in the southern edge of the Godslost Swamp.





Weaponsmith (map icon).png Adaline
Merchant (vendor icon).png Baldin
Armorsmith (map icon).png Trint

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Lionguard: Don't you ever get tired of following soldiers around, blessing them?
Priestess of Balthazar: Don't you ever get tired of helping people? No? Well, neither do I.
Lionguard (Asura): So, bookah, how is that whole "praying to a bunch of invisible beings" working out for you?
Lionguard (Human): I wouldn't mock others for odd beliefs. Your kind believes the world is a machine.
Lionguard (Asura): It it, yes. It's a terrific structure to be studied and understood.
Lionguard (Human): How can you study something as big as the world when your own golem ran off?
Lionguard (Asura): It didn't run off. It just had an unscheduled momentum overload.
Lionguard (Human): And you think it'll return one day?
Lionguard (Asura): Yes. It's only been two weeks.
Lionguard (Human): Now that, my friend, is an act of faith.
Lionguard: Whoever decided to station me at this swamp must really hate me. It's so humid, I can feel my armor rusting.
Lionguard: Maybe you'd start getting better assignments if you stopped complaining.
Lionguard: Have you seen the bugs around here?
Lionguard: Neat, aren't they?
Lionguard: If by "neat," you mean "heart-stoppingly huge."