Heirloom Lost and Found

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Heirloom Lost and Found was a merchant that sold items in exchange for coins and Found Heirlooms, a token obtained while participating in Escape from Lion's Arch.


Historical locations[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Bag of Alliance Supplies.png Bag of Alliance Supplies Container CFine
Found Heirloom.png
 + 1 Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Box of Alliance Supplies.png Box of Alliance Supplies Container CFine
20 Found Heirloom.png
 + 4 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Crate of Alliance Supplies.png Crate of Alliance Supplies Container CFine
150 Found Heirloom.png
 + 30 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Selfless Potion.png Selfless Potion Novelty, Gizmo ERare
250 Found Heirloom.png
 + 10 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin

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