Lion Road

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The Lion Road linking all major cities together.

Lion Road is the main trade route in Tyria. It links the major cities together, allowing for relatively safe travel and trade protected by the Lionguard and their Havens.

The Lion Road runs from Black Citadel in Ascalon through Diessa Plateau to Wayfarer Foothills, where it is divided south to Hoelbrak and further west towards Lion's Arch through Snowden Drifts and Gendarran Fields. From Lion's Arch, the road runs to Kessex Hills, where the road splits north to link Divinity's Reach in Queensdale. The road then turns south to Trader's Green in Caledon Forest, and finally turns once more west to Metrica Province, all the way to Soren Draa and Rata Sum, effectively linking all racial capital cities and Lion's Arch with road access.

The stone-paved road can be easily spotted and followed from one zone to another, except for some detours where the road has become too dangerous to traverse. Following the Lion Road will guarantee at least some safety and services within the numerous, architectually distinguishable Lionguard forts, Havens, alongside the road.


Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains