Lionguard Scout Lillis

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Lionguard Scout Lillis is standing in the northeast corner outside Crossroads Haven, trying to keep an eye out for any Son of Svanirs activity in the area.



Watch it, please. I'm trying to keep an eye on the Sons of Svanir up there.
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Why are you doing that?
The Lionguard have me stationed here to watch for any Sons of Svanir headed our way their fortress acress the road.
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Who are the Sons of Svanir?
Only thing more dangerous than Jormag is an idiot that thinks he's carrying out the ice dragon's evil will in the Shiverpeaks.
I have half a mind to go up there and clear them out myself.
Good for you. I'll just stay here and watch your back.
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Watch me, then.
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You're making sure they don't act up, then?
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They do sound dangerous.
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Good luck, friend.
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Who are the Sons of Svanir? (same as above)
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I'll just get out of your way, then.