Lionguard (Refugee Coordinator)

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The Lionguard was the Refugee Coordinator in Lion's Arch.


Historical location[edit]



As of May 12 2013
The news spread like wildfire when the Molten Alliance got their final beatdown. Good news travels fast, I guess. Now maybe the refugees can get their lives back on track.
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Where are the refugees going now?
Mm. Good question. Most to the Consortium camp in Southsun Cove, but others, back where they came from to rebuild their ranches and homesteads. I wish them luck.
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Interesting. Bye.
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I hope so. Bye.
From 25 February 2013 to May 12 2013
Not a refugee? Then stand clear. We've got tired and wounded refugees on the way, we don't need gawkers.
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What I can
do to help?
Well, the shock's wearing off. Some of these refugees could use moral support. Talk to them.
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What can you tell me about the situation here?
I hear the Iron Legion is assessing the situation before they charge in. Initial reports indicate that it's dredge in Wayfarer Foothills and Flame Legion in Diessa Plateau. Simultaneous assaults — what are the odds?
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So, who are the guards in blue and gold?
They're Consortium. They do tourist stuff, like selling souvenirs. They jumped in to help the refugees with food and water. They're talking about building new homes for them on Southsun Cove too.
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Understood. Bye.
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Good question. See ya.
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All right.
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Gotcha. Will do.