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Containers are a special type of consumables that can be double-clicked to produce one or more items in the character's inventory. Some containers produce only one item, some produce a fixed set of items, and most produce a random assortment from a predetermined list of possible items. For example, cooking materials "in bulk" always contain 25 of the named ingredient.

Containers are used extensively in the game as one of the main vehicles for player rewards. Containers from story, dungeons, fractals, activities, festivals, bonus chests, certain events, daily achievements and login rewards are examples of this.

Containers generally have the line "Double click to open" in their description, and most of the ones that are tradeable appear listed under the "Other" → "Packaged Goods" filter in the Trading Post.

For a list of all containers, see Category:Containers.

Crafting material containers[edit]

Many humanoid enemies across Tyria drop a specific bag containing crafting materials (and sometimes also gathering tools and Universal upgrades), based on the level and the race of the enemy.

Enemy players also drop this type of container, but they will drop the same regardless of their race.


Most of these containers follow a common naming convention:

Tier Prefix Enemy level1 Basic material tier Fine material tier Rare material tier
1 Tiny 1-15 1 1 1
2 Small 16-25 2 1-2 1
3 Light 26-35 2 2-3 1-2
4 -2 36-45 3 3 2
5 Sack3 46-55 4 3-4 2-3
6 Medium 56-65 4 4-5 3
7 Large 66-75 5 5 3-4
8 Heavy 76-80 5-6 5-6 4-5

1 Player level in WvW or when opening Reward track loot boxes
2 Bag without a prefix
3 Not a prefix, 'Sack' replaces 'Bag'

Crafting material containers by tier[edit]

Family Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8
Bandits, Separatists Bag of Pinched Goods Bag of Filched Goods Bag of Pilfered Goods Bag of Purloined Goods Bag of Snatched Goods Bag of Swiped Goods Bag of Lifted Goods Bag of Stolen Goods
Centaurs Tiny Supply Bag Small Supply Bag Light Supply Bag Supply Bag Supply Sack Medium Supply Bag Large Supply Bag Heavy Supply Bag
Dredge Tiny Miner's Bag Small Miner's Bag Light Miner's Bag Miner's Bag Miner's Sack Medium Miner's Bag Large Miner's Bag Heavy Miner's Bag
Ettins Tiny Stolen Supplies Bag Small Stolen Supplies Bag Light Stolen Supplies Bag Stolen Supplies Bag Stolen Supplies Sack Medium Stolen Supplies Bag Large Stolen Supplies Bag Heavy Stolen Supplies Bag
Flame Legion Tiny Ritual Bag Small Ritual Bag Light Ritual Bag Ritual Bag Ritual Sack Medium Ritual Bag Large Ritual Bag Heavy Ritual Bag
Grawl Tiny Bag of Trinkets Small Bag of Trinkets Light Bag of Trinkets Bag of Trinkets Sack of Trinkets Medium Bag of Trinkets Large Bag of Trinkets Heavy Bag of Trinkets
Hylek Tiny Bag of Supplies Small Bag of Supplies Light Bag of Supplies Bag of Supplies Sack of Supplies Medium Bag of Supplies Large Bag of Supplies Heavy Bag of Supplies
Inquest Bag of Testing Materials Bag of Developmental Materials Bag of Experimental Materials Bag of Laboratory Materials Bag of Provisional Materials Bag of Exploratory Materials Bag of Theoretical Materials Bag of Alchemical Materials
Nightmare Court Tiny Thorned Bag Small Thorned Bag Light Thorned Bag Thorned Bag Thorned Sack Medium Thorned Bag Large Thorned Bag Heavy Thorned Bag
Ogres Tiny Treat Bag Small Treat Bag Light Treat Bag Treat Bag Treat Sack Medium Treat Bag Large Treat Bag Heavy Treat Bag
Aetherblades, Pirates Tiny Bag of Booty Small Bag of Booty Light Bag of Booty Bag of Booty Sack of Booty Medium Bag of Booty Large Bag of Booty Heavy Bag of Booty
Risen Tiny Moldy Bag Small Moldy Bag Light Moldy Bag Moldy Bag Moldy Sack Medium Moldy Bag Large Moldy Bag Heavy Moldy Bag
Skritt Tiny Bag of Skritt Shinies Small Bag of Skritt Shinies Light Bag of Skritt Shinies Bag of Skritt Shinies Sack of Skritt Shinies Medium Bag of Skritt Shinies Large Bag of Skritt Shinies Heavy Bag of Skritt Shinies
Sons of Svanir Tiny Icy Bag Small Icy Bag Light Icy Bag Icy Bag Icy Sack Medium Icy Bag Large Icy Bag Heavy Icy Bag
WvW players Tiny Loot Bag Small Loot Bag Light Loot Bag Loot Bag Loot Sack Medium Loot Bag Large Loot Bag Heavy Loot Bag

Other containers[edit]

Containers are used widely across the game. The following are just some examples of containers found in the game:

  • Daily achievements provide containers that include rewards that depend on the content completed.
  • Login rewards and achievement rewards are also provided in containers.
  • Hidden containers are sometimes obtained when gathering wood. They usually contain jewels.
  • Champion loot bags are dropped by most champions and legendary bosses, and also obtained from story missions and PvP reward tracks.
  • Bags of Coins are often awarded from Activities, and they are random drops in Dungeons and Fractals.
  • Bags of Wondrous Goods are rewards randomly found in dungeons and contain bonus dungeon currency in explorable mode and coin and universal upgrades in story mode.
  • Bulk armor can be done with recipes obtained using the mystic forge. The result of these recipes are often tradable containers that produce a full set of armor with the rarity and stat combination of the chest used to craft the recipe.
  • Activities may also reward Chest or Splendid Chest containers that contain karma, bags of coin, random equipment and sometimes rare rewards. If they have a repeatable achievement, this often rewards a loot bag with bonus rewards.
  • Small Bags of Goods are found around bandit camps as part of Renown Heart tasks.
  • When events give item rewards on success instead from enemy drops, these are often given inside containers in a bonus chest at the end of the event. Examples of this are Bags of Gear from many events in The Silverwastes, and hardcore group events like defeating Tequatl and the Triple Trouble.
  • Ingredients can be purchased in bulk packages from many vendors all over the world. These usually contain 25 units of the item.
  • Ascended chests can be obtained from Fractals of the Mists, Raids, PvP, WvW and certain merchants. Certain World bosses have a small chance of rewarding players with one as well.