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Kudzu Vol. 1

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Kudzu Vol. 1.png

Kudzu Vol. 1

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Double-click to unlock the first collection in the journey to craft Leaf of Kudzu, the precursor to the legendary longbow, Kudzu.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs Trader's Forum Lion's Arch Gold coin + 10,003 Karma.png

Related achievements[edit]

  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Legendary Weapons: Kudzu I: The Experimental LongbowThrough flood, fire, and famine, the power of the plants survive. The story of its resilience and quiet power can be found in every root and stem, in every petal and leaf. Meditate on the power of such things as you begin your journey to create the legendary precursor, Leaf of Kudzu. (3Achievement pointsChest of Blooms)

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