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HOPE I: Research

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HOPE I: Research is a Legendary Weapons collection achievement to gain the precursor weapon, Prototype, for the legendary pistol, HOPE. This collection is the first step to obtain the first tier of the precursor, Research.


This achievement rewards items. HOPE I: Research Legendary Weapons 3Achievement points
The froglike hylek are Tyria's best alchemists, the masters of potion and poison. Take the role of the apprentice in discovering the secrets of their work to create research,
the first step in attaining the Hylek Optimized Projectile Experiment (HOPE).
Prerequisite: Revered Antiquarian
Unlock Item:HOPE Vol. 1.png HOPE Vol. 1
Reward:Chest of Concoctions.png Chest of Concoctions
Collected 20 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Hylek Alchemy Apprentice Tome.png Hylek Alchemy Apprentice Tome Purchased from Atlalli, the Master Alchemist in the Hunting Banks of Timberline Falls.
Hylek Alchemy Chapter 1- Poisons.png Hylek Alchemy Chapter 1: Poisons Speak to Atlalli, the Master Alchemist in the Hunting Banks of Timberline Falls to start the Hylek Poison's Test once you have crafted the Vial of Potent Hylek Poison.
Vial of Potent Hylek Poison.png Vial of Potent Hylek Poison The secrets to crafting a quality hylek poison can be found among the alchemy supplies hidden in the treasure room of the Tears of Itlaocol in Caledon Forest.
Mosquito Blood.png Mosquito Blood Harvested from Veteran Mosquitos in Caledon Forest.
Deadly Nightshade.png Deadly Nightshade Found growing alone near the vista of Lightfoot Passage in Straits of Devastation.
Hylek Dart Poison Gland.png Hylek Dart Poison Gland Found on the Hylek of Morgatl Grounds in Caledon Forest.
Hylek Alchemy Chapter 2- Healing Breath.png Hylek Alchemy Chapter 2: Healing Breath Speak to Atlalli, the Master Alchemist in the Hunting Banks of Timberline Falls to start the Hylek Medicine's Test once you have crafted the Vial of Healing Breath.
Vial of Healing Breath.png Vial of Healing Breath Recipe purchased from Matlal after successfully helping her collect truffles for her starving tribe in the Eukaryan Caves of Kessex Hills.
Michotl Tribe's Herbs.png Michotl Tribe's Herbs Offered for purchase by Cook Huelic after helping the Michotl Tribe within the Michoan Marsh of Metrica Province.
Jar of Wurmswort.png Jar of Wurmswort Found in the Great Jungle Wurm's chest in the Wychmire Swamp of Caledon Forest.
Raw Honey.png Raw Honey Purchase from Fiona Hastings in the apiary near Claypool in Queensdale after successfully defending her beehives from hungry bears.
Filtered Honey.png Filtered Honey Recipe purchased from Atlalli, the Master Alchemist in the Hunting Banks of Timberline Falls after getting Raw Honey
Mamnoon Aloe.png Mamnoon Aloe Speak with Nochtli in the Prospect Valley of Dry Top about how to find this rare aloe.
Hylek Alchemy Chapter 3- Sun God's Breath.png Hylek Alchemy Chapter 3: Sun God's Breath Speak to Atlalli, the Master Alchemist in the Hunting Banks of Timberline Falls to start the Sun God's Breath Test once you have crafted the Sun God's Breath Flask.
Sun God's Breath Flask.png Sun God's Breath Flask Offered for purchase by Cuadinti after helping him prepare Southwatch Post near the Astrozintli Forelands in Sparkfly Fen.
Frog's Breath.png Frog's Breath Found in Champion Mayatl the Fierce's chest near the Temple of Ameyalli in Verdant Brink.
Sun God's Vial.png Sun God's Vial Offered for purchase by Atzintli after helping the Atzintli and Topatl tribes battle the krait in the Ventry Bay of Caledon Forest.
Fire Bug Larva.png Fire Bug Larva Attained from the Bugs in the Branches adventure of Jaka Itzel in Verdant Brink by reaching a rank of silver or better.
Bloomhunger Sap.png Bloomhunger Sap Harvested from the Bloomhunger in the Swamplands Fractal.
Complete Hylek Alchemy Tome.png Complete Hylek Alchemy Tome Complete this book by recording the three Hylek Alchemy Chapters in your Hylek Alchemy Apprentice Tome by passing each of Atlalli's tests with the tome in your inventory.


  • The three main components may be completed in any order.
  • There is no "Veteran Mosquito" as such anywhere in Caledon Forest. There is a Female Mosquito that spawns on the south side of Morgan's Spiral and heads towards Danador's Kennel; this is the creature that drops the Mosquito Blood.


Looking ahead[edit]

  • Ascended materials are needed in most HOPE collections. You will need a grand total of 62 Deldrimor Steel Ingots, 25 Spiritwood Planks, 10 Elonian Leather Squares, and 5 Bolts of Damask. It is highly recommended that you begin crafting these as soon as possible to avoid future expenses and/or delays.


  • Most likely an Easter egg left by the developers: three of the items gathered are Deadly Nightshade, Jar of Wurmswort, and Frog's Breath. These three items are the ingredients of Sally's soup/poison in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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