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Bolt I: The Experimental Sword

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Bolt I: The Experimental Sword is a Legendary Weapons collection achievement to gain the precursor weapon, Zap, for the legendary sword, Bolt. This collection is the first step to obtain the first tier of the precursor, Zap Experiment.


Bolt I: The Experimental Sword Legendary Weapons 3Achievement points
Tyria's finest sword wielders are pure artists, deftly weaving traditional attacks with inspirational lightning maneuvers to create a deadly dance of steel.
Consider the art and artisanship of Tyria as you take the first steps in your crafting of the legendary precursor Zap.
Prerequisite: Revered Antiquarian
Unlock Item:Bolt Vol. 1.png Bolt Vol. 1
Reward:Chest of Artistry.png Chest of Artistry
Collected 21 items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Eir's Advice.png Eir's Advice Find Eir's notes on sculpting inside her home at Stonewright's Steading in Hoelbrak.
Malchor's Notes.png Malchor's Notes Find Malchor's ancient notes on sculpting the gods at the Cathedral of Zephyrs.
Tirzie's Perspective.png Tirzie's Perspective Speak to Tirzie in the Orlaf Escarpments in Queensdale about painting.
Proteus' Tips.png Proteus' Tips Speak to Proteus Formshaper in the Canton Factorium in the Black Citadel.
Pixx's Insight.png Pixx's Insight Speak to Synergetics Expert Pixx in Rata Sum about melding metal and energy.
Kandien's Thoughts.png Kandien's Thoughts Speak to Kandien in the Grove about sylvari artwork.
Hylek Artistic Perspective.png Hylek Artistic Perspective Find a refugee in Zintl Holy Grounds in Sparkfly Fen who can tell you about hylek artwork.
Quaggan Sculpture Teachings.png Quaggan Sculpture Teachings Find a quaggan who can tell you about quaggan sculpture at Orsippus in Frostgorge Sound.
Sylvari Plant Sculpting Techniques.png Sylvari Plant Sculpting Techniques Talk to Yhrinnage in the Burnt Hollow in Fireheart Rise about plant sculpting.
Dierdre's Perspective.png Dierdre's Perspective Talk to Dierdre in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle upon its completion.
Intricately Carved Orrian Relic.png Intricately Carved Orrian Relic Artistic expression purchased from Explorer Loana in Cursed Shore after protecting her from the Risen King.
Archdiviner's Talisman.png Archdiviner's Talisman Looted from the chest after defeating the Legendary Archdiviner in the Cliffside Fractal.
Ancient Figurine.png Ancient Figurine A figurine carried by krait in the Aquatic Ruins Fractal.
Jotun Runestone.png Painted Mokooki Hunter's Pottery Artistic expression purchased from Mokooki in Dredgehaunt Cliffs after helping the grawl stave off Svanir attacks.
Heartwood Fragment.png Little Norn Figurine Artistic expression purchased from Shengra in Snowden Drifts after impressing the Mennerheim steadholders.
Fiendish Grawl Artwork.png Fiendish Grawl Artwork Artistic expression purchased from Skaald Fearin in Wayfarer Foothills after disrupting the grawl worship.
Mini Mighty Oouo.png Mini Mighty Oouo Artistic expression purchased from Sizza in Timberline Falls after scattering the unusually aggressive grawl.
Flame Legion Carving.png Flame Legion Carving Artistic expression purchased from Corva Sharpclaw in Fireheart Rise after stopping the Flame Legion from summoning Embers.
Wupwup God Icon.png Wupwup God Icon Artistic expression purchased from the Wupwup Chief in Fireheart Rise after helping the Wupwup tribe survive so close to flame lands.
Ancient Orrian Urn.png Ancient Orrian Urn Artistic expression purchased from Scholar Nabbi in Straits of Devastation after helping to clear out the risen from the graveyard outside of Zaishen Antheneum.
Old Ascalonian Relic.png Old Ascalonian Relic A relic carried by Ascalonians in the Urban Battleground Fractal.

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